My Experience Blogging

So I had never really thought about Blogging until I started this class, since starting this course I believe that building my personal brand online is a big deal and  now more than ever it is important because of the work I want to do in the future, I think blogging really helps portray your personal brand because its something others can get more content from than you normally would on Twitter or Facebook. It has changed the way I think about things I post online the image they bring to people about me. I never posted anything bad or terrible online before I took this class, but I definitely have become more positive thinking when it comes to seeing things online and interpreting them in the right way. In the past I saw the internet as just Bullshit… but now I see that People really do post information that i really do want to see on social media sites. Not just “i ate 4 tacos today and my cat is ssoo cute” I hate that stuff. I think blogging has helped me narrow down the crap… to stuff I actually like and want to read about. heres an article that talks about things in 2014 that are going to come from events that happened in 2013 reguarding the internet, its really interesting and has a lot to do with how the internet changes.


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